The Rook 2, Now Available. $175.

Congrevape is great at adding variety to the mod selection. Especially at introducing new mods as they come out. I’ve always thought the original Rook mod was very cool looking. It’s $150+ price tag always made me compare it to other more featured mods that I found favorable. Now they are jacking up their mods, (and the price by $25.) I think they have a real contender here. Silver conductors, Tiger bronze, and derlin insulators make nice name drops. Unfortunately this isn’t a stealthy mod. The smallest battery accommodated is the 18490.

Your Move!

Your Move!

Rook-II-1Notice that they also improved the old system of (English) serial numbers. Now you get Roman numerals, just like movies.

Here’s their specs:

Silver plated copper pin (Floating)
Made of Tiger Bronze and 304 Stainless Steel
Serialize By Roman Numeral
Telescopes 18490-18500-18650 batteries
High Temp derlin insulator

Get it at


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