Foxhound Vapes Presents: The Beastmaster

Tough and Gritty

Tough and Gritty

I like the looks of this mod. Its got a ton of nice little touches that really separates it from the crowd.

Damn that looks mean

Damn that looks mean

Copied from Congrevape:

– Made in T6 Aluminum (LIGHTWEIGHT BODY)
– Brass Top Cap and Locking ring
– Telescopic, from 18350 to 18650 battery
– Full Mechanical
– With Serial (low serial)
– Copper Positive and Negative Pin
– Adjustable/ Floating Positive Pin
– Mirror finished
– Engraved with word “BEAST MASTER”
– Solid insulator for high heat resistance
– With authenticity card
– Pinoy-made personal vaporizer

The only part I don’t like about telescopic mods is how they look in 18650 mode.

Beast Mode!

Beast Mode!

This can be got for only $115 at


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