The Dome Hybrid Atomizer by Atmomixani

A new atomizer has been announced by the makers of the ever popular Nemesis Mod.

Nemesis Dome Hybrid Mod

Nemesis Dome Hybrid Mod

The assembled dome atomzier

The assembled dome atomzier


Opened up to show the dual post construction and nice wick hole covers


All the parts


From their site:

User can choose mesh hole and change it whenever he wants
Adjustable air angle and control of vapor temperature
Insulated mesh
Control of air flow
Choose of different air holes
Can be set up with double u wick
Regulate decompression of tank system
Tank can be opened for cleaning or liquid change without ruin your set up
Control of vapor temperature

Comes with one glass quartz tube and one ss tube

Comes with two small pieces of Stainless Steel Mesh and 1 m  0.28 Kanthal wire for making coils

Tool and 4 insulators are included

Velvet carrying pouch.

The product is not yet available

Currently priced 150 Euros, or $203.61.

You can read more here


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