The “Real” Poldiac Clone Hits Preorder Status!

Anyone who knows high end mechanical mods knows the Poldiac. The Poldiac in many people’s minds is the premiere mechanical mod. This clone is tooted to be a 1:1 to the original which means it would carry all the great features:

  • Magnetic button
  • Silver plated pins
  • Near 0 voltage drop
  • Stylist shirt/pant combos
  • Adjustable pin

The real beauty of this clone is that it includes all 3 sized tubes and pants. To buy the pant/tube combos from the MMvapors site you can expect to pay nearly $45 for each size, not to mention around $225 for the mod itself. Even though this is the most expensive clone I’ve seen at $70, it still is quite a deal.

The Poldiac Clone Preorder at

The Poldiac Clone Preorder at

That's a lot of parts!

That’s a lot of parts!

Edit: I couldn’t resist. I went ahead and ordered one and will be doing an in depth review of the clone and its differences to its counterpart when I receive it. I have 2 MM Poldiacs available to me for comparison.


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