“Russian” Clone From Tobeco In Stock! $28 Shipped! Almost Gone! edit: They Restock

Another Chinese supplier, Vaporbreak has the Russian atomizer clone in stock. These are a very popular item right now, and I’m sure they will sell out. Fasttech had the “Kayfun 3.1 ES” clone before for around this price and that sold out before I could order a second one. This unit seems to be the Tobeco unit, which I will confirm later. There appear to be a few differences between this unit and the one that Fasttech carried. Most notably is the Russian design. The fill hole is in the bottom, and the Svoe Mesto logo is absent. Also this comes complete with an accessory kit and has the changeable drip tip, instead of the threaded one. Lastly this unit comes in frosted or polished finish. The frosted ones are almost gone. I will be posting a review on this unit when I receive mine, I have been using the Kayfun 3.1 ES clone from Fasttech which will get a review and comparison to the genuine units.


Vaporbreak has the Russian Atomizer clone in stock

Vaporbreak has the Russian Atomizer clone in stock


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