All You Ever Need To Know About The Atmomixani Nemesis Mod Magnetic Switch Upgrade.

All of the Nemesis clone reviews were complaining about the switch. I read many complaints like “The switch unravels,” “It doesn’t have a smooth throw,” “Its inconsistent,” “Its weak” Well this tutorial will fix all those problems and cover the options available as far as magnets are concerned.


The magnetic Nemesis switch in all its glory. DON’T LOSE THE SMALL BRASS PIN!

The first thing you might want to know is where to get the magnets… The magnets photographed above are a mix from 2 purchases I made. One at

The other on Ebay.

The reason I bought 2 sets is simple. I broke one with a short drop when I was drunk. Before this magnet purchase I’ve bought many magnets before. These are neodymium ring magnets coated with silver plating. The reason they are coated with silver is so you can get charged $15 a set. Good luck finding them in stock, they are a hot commodity right now.

Don’t worry I got you covered, although they are now backordered by 7-10 days, you can get 10 magnets for roughly $6-7 quick shipped from

Alternate magnets $7 for a 10 pack. Cheap magnets on the right.

Alternate magnets $6 for a 10 pack. Cheap magnet is on the right.

Personally I found 2 magnets of either variety to be a bit on the soft side for a tight short throw. I solved this by double loading the magnets on one side. IMG_0351With 2 magnets on one side of the switch and 1 in the base, I found there to be plenty of resistance to store the mod vertically in 18650 mode with a heavy tank.  Having a short-throw on the switch also makes it’s stance more secure, and prevents the mod from leaning.

I recommend holding on to your springs, especially with the silver coated magnets, they are brittle like cheap jewelry. Once the magnet shatters the mod will very possibly fire and may damage your atomizer/life.

I am very happy with the magnetic switch. I believe it has definitely improved the vaporizer. I am more confident tossing the mod in my pocket with the added resistance of 3 magnets. I can tighten the silver plated pin all the way and don’t have to worry about the button unraveling. Lastly it is buttery smooth with a very satisfying contact.



3 thoughts on “All You Ever Need To Know About The Atmomixani Nemesis Mod Magnetic Switch Upgrade.

  1. Eileen

    Good article! Just a FYI – I ordered the magnets via DX and it took a month to get out here to California. It could be they were back logged.

    1. Vineyard Vapes Post author

      Sorry it took so long for shipping, at least you got some spares.I guess I should write more tutorials. I got ideas for the Stingray switch and wicking some atomizers that I think would be fun to discuss.


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